Looking To The Future

Energy storage has become the ‘hot topic’ of the 21st century.  Following ratification in 2016 of the Paris agreement on climate change, Government’s among the signatory countries are starting to impose legislative requirements on operators of steam plant to reduce consumption of atmospheric polluting fuels.  The main avenue for achieving commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions is through increased operating efficiency and in the case of electrical power plant to ensure within given time frames that a stipulated amount of energy storage to supplement demand is available.

The legal as well as moral obligations to reduce CO2 emissions has called for contributions from all the major sectors of energy use to increase operating efficiency with lower energy cost being a significant spin-off benefit.  As rising energy costs erode competitiveness, environmental issues and particularly the acquisition of energy efficient technologies will continue to figure prominently in the boardroom agenda.

Steam accumulation‘, being an energy efficient and widely adaptable energy storage technology, has a vitally important role to play.  It has the potential to reducing fuel consumption in most steam process industries and for stabilising intermittency on electrical turbo-generators making it a very real and effective tool for accelerating the move to a sustainable and low carbon economy.

Can your business afford not to invest in this technology?