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Energy Storage for Paper and Board Mills

ENERGY STORAGE Steam Accumulation *David Oakland describes an energy efficient solution to steam generation problems in paper and board mills Energy storage has become the ‘hot topic’ of the 21st century for energy managers and operators of power plant. For electricity generation the main impetus is the balancing of intermittent between supply and demand, and, in the wake […]

Energy Storage for Utility Scale Power Generation

*David Oakland describes a sometimes overlooked option in the utility scale energy storage mix. Energy storage for power generation and grid resilience has undergone significant development since the beginning of this century. Establishing a low carbon electricity grid requires the disparity between electricity demand and power supply generated from burning fossil fuel or the harnessing of renewable energy sources […]

‘Steam: Accumulating Interest – Engineer Live’

David Oakland describes how steam accumulation can be harnessed to aid steam plant design and secure higher energy efficiency Energy managers are constantly coerced, whether because of legislative environmental directives or simply self-imposed responsibility, to find and implement alternative energy-efficient solutions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The spin-off benefits are lower energy bills and […]

Biomass Boiler Response Gets ‘Gee-up’ From Steam Accumulation

Steam boilers are commonly used throughout industry. Operation of these boilers is energy intensive and can therefore represent a significant proportion of an organisation’s energy costs. According to the Carbon Trust, in the UK, boilers account for some 60% of carbon emissions from industrial operations and buildings. Being so energy intensive, steam boilers therefore offer […]

The role of steam accumulation – EBSCOhost

Discusses the potential of steam accumulation in reducing carbon-based fuel consumption and reducing air pollution. Incorporation of steam accumulation in combined heat and power generation; Use of steam accumulator in paper mills; Advantages of steam accumulation in power generation applications. Read More Here: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/15628664/role-steam-accumulation

‘The Role of Steam Accumulation’ – RISI

BOSTON, MA, Dec. 1, 2004 (Viewpoint) – The global effects of sustained atmospheric pollution are forcing governments worldwide to introduce measures to limit and ultimately reduce the emission of ‘greenhouse’ gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). Reaching target CO2 reductions will call for contributions from all the major sectors of energy use. Attaining higher efficiency in […]

‘Steam Accumulation – Application Update’

“There is now widespread acceptance that controlling the emission of greenhouse gasses, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), is going to be one of the major challenges facing mankind this millennium” says the National Energy Foundation. Tackling climate change is a huge challenge for all countries of the industrialised world. “Stabilising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere needs […]